Samsung begins promoting the idea of wearables in the B2B sector

Samsung wants users to think about the B2B potential of wearables in the workplace.

| May 5, 2015 at 9:25 am CDT

The wearables market seems to have captured the attention of the consumer market, but Samsung wants to remind us that the B2B market also has great potential. There is hope that wearables will be able to boost efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Samsung begins promoting the idea of wearables in the B2B sector |

It is expected to take time and patience, though Samsung believes wearable technology will increase in the workplace faster than smartphones. The difference being users can quickly glance at actionable information, such as emails, text messages, and work-related alerts while remaining hands-free.

In a blog post, Samsung point to wearables being used in hotels, high schools, restaurants, sales, hospitals, and warehouses - an appealing aspect as more promising applications become available.

"By bringing wearable technology into the B2B space, those of us at Samsung hope to introduce a new generation of B2B products, services and solutions that will take productivity and efficiency to a whole new level," Samsung said in the blog post.

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