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Night Terror uses augmented reality to turn your living room into game

Night Terror is an augmented reality survival horror game that you may want to check out.

Published Sat, May 2 2015 4:20 AM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:16 PM CDT

Want to try a unique gaming experience? Night Terrors is a mobile game that will use augmented reality to scare the hell out of you.

Night Terror uses augmented reality to turn your living room into game |

The game creates a map of your home, with walls, rooms, ceilings and floors tracked by your smartphone's accelerometer. Using the data collected, a custom gaming experience is created with monsters in your living room. A player explores with the lights off, and a phone's LED as the only light source - with the camera and microphone information used in real-time to enhance the experience.

"If the game needs the player to go down their hallway, it manipulates the player to go there," said Bryan Mitchell, the game's developer, in a statement on Reddit. "If the game doesn't want the player to see or move, it presents a situation where seeing and moving will get the player 'killed.'"

"As an example, the game might kill the LED for story reasons, play heavy breathing sounds (spatialized right behind the player) and have this thing move closer and closer to the player. As whatever that thing sniffing around in dark is looks for the player, the player's imagination does the heavy lifting."


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