Reddit thread interesting debate - labels LoL community 'gutless'

Reddit user claims League of Legends players should begin boycotting to ensure change - calls community 'gutless'

Chris Smith
Published Tue, Apr 7 2015 2:33 AM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Apr 6 2020 8:44 PM CDT

With an up-voted score of 1225 as this article is being written, Reddit user Brosephski wrote an interesting address to the League of Legends community which resulted in a massive blow up in replies, comments and rebuttals.

Reddit thread interesting debate - labels LoL community 'gutless' |

In his original post, Brosephski claims that "I'm not saying Riot is money-grubbing evil or anything, but the reality of being for-profit doesn't help," adding "you guys need to put your money where your mouth is." Although it is said that the love for eSports is there, Brosephski believes that the League of Legends community needs to follow the 'Dota2 mentality' of "voting with their wallets and making changes."

Do you agree with his claims, or do you agree with one rebuttal which reads "League of Legends players are in generally just very happy with their game. I am at least. Why would I boycott it if I enjoy it so much?"


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