Impression Pi VR headset hits Kickstarter goal in just four days

Impression Pi smashes $78,000 funding goal on Kickstarter in just four days.

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VR is a hot topic right now, with Impression Pi hitting Kickstarter with a funding goal of $78,000 and bursting through it in just four days. At the time of writing, they have $145,000 raised with 37 more days to go.

Impression Pi VR headset hits Kickstarter goal in just four days 09

Impression Pi sees a slew of technologies built into the VR headset, with the mobile VR HMD featuring 3D gesture input, position tracking and AR overlays. It features custom-designed sensing hardware, computing unit and advanced algorithms. The 3D gesture control side of things collects the image of your hands and their movement, and generates 3D gesture modelling. From there, you have full gesture control for mobile VR devices.

The position tracking will see the Impression Pi using "unique techniques" designed to track your head position, inside-out. The AR overlay will use its dual camera module to capture everything around you, overlaying this with VR images and virtual objects. This includes collision detection capabilities, and a warning-based obstacle system when it detects objects in the real environment.

Impression Pi VR headset hits Kickstarter goal in just four days 08

All of this will come in varying packages starting from $59, which provides you with the "Impression Pi Starter Pack" which includes a "fashionable headset for your mobile phone + VR faceplate". You can check out the other packages on the Impression Pi Kickstarter page.


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