Lenovo displays its NeXtScale solutions NVIDIA GTC 2015

Lenovo shows us their latest at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference 2015.

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GTC 2015 - At NVIDIA GTC 2015, Lenovo shows its NeXtScale systems blades and enclosure. The blades can support NVIDIA Tesla K80 video cards, compute nodes and storage.

Lenovo displays its NeXtScale solutions NVIDIA GTC 2015 01

Here we see three blade examples with the NVIDA Tesla K80 blade in the middle. This blade can support two K80's or two Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards in a single doublewide blade. Other blades can be configured as computer nodes supporting two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, or storage blades housing up to 7x hard drives.

Lenovo displays its NeXtScale solutions NVIDIA GTC 2015 02

Also on display was Lenovo's N1200 server enclosure outfitted to support NVIDIA GRID servers.

NeXtScale System is the next generation of dense computing. It is an open, flexible, and simple data center solution for users of technical computing, grid deployments, analytics workloads, and large-scale cloud and virtualization infrastructures.

Lenovo displays its NeXtScale solutions NVIDIA GTC 2015 04

Also on display are Lenovo's NVIDIA GRID K2 VMWare Horizon View 3D VDI server blades.

Lenovo displays its NeXtScale solutions NVIDIA GTC 2015 05

The last display was one of Lenovo's P900 high-end workstations outfitted with three NVIDIA K80 video cards. This is an impressive workstation, that we have a review of going live very soon. We also noted this P900 includes a side panel outfitted with a window. We thought this looked very nice and we hope it will be an option for purchase and not just for display units.

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