Did you miss it? Beats by Dre headphones cost $14 to make

Did you miss the memo? Beats by Dre headphones cost around $14 to manufacture.

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You may have seen this argument somewhere on the internet recently, it's a real growing trend. As soon as someone offers up the suggestion for Beats by Dre to be added to an audio collection everyone is up in arms about the sound quality and mostly the 'paying for the brand' experience.

Did you miss it? Beats by Dre headphones cost $14 to make | TweakTown.com

These headphones that generally enter the market at $380 for higher graded models and have often made people wonder - how much 'brand cost' is actually associated with this device.

Well in case you missed it, All Hiphop released the news last year that Dr. Dre's magical sound devices cost an estimated $14 to produce.

Thanks to their marketing power, Beats by Dre owns around 27% of the headphone industry and pulled in over $1.8 billion in sales throughout 2013. Most of their profit margin does go into celebrity endorsements and advertising, meaning they can uphold a highly expensive campaign.

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