Paid to play - Top CS:GO players earning $3k per month each and more

Some gaming organizations come out and admit how much their CS:GO players are being paid in salaries - the answer is $3,000 per month or more!

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With the gaming organization known as Team Solo Mid (TSM) picking up a North American CS:GO squad, they have publicly claimed to now be supporting the highest paid CS:GO players on the planet - later being bested by Team Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), with their CEO Per Lilliefelth claiming an even better salary for his squad.

Paid to play - Top CS:GO players earning $3k per month each and more |

I'm sure you're wondering exactly what the figure is here - it's $3,000 US per month, per player. Nothing celebrity status that's sure - but pretty amazing given they are playing video games for employment. But wait, there's more. This $3,000 doesn't cover any of the in-game sticker sales alongside any prize money that the players may win at international tournaments, which can include total prize pools of up to $250,000.

Different from other gaming organizations, TSM have promised to take no cut of prize money or sticker sales, meaning that if these players see themselves added into a 'legends sticker pack' they could see up to $400,000 spread between the five-man squad.

Making their name in League of Legends, TSM have a long history of promoting online game streaming, seeing their League of Legends 'mid lane' player earn a reported $20,000 per month from streaming - before including any salary or prize money earned.

If you didn't know already, eSports is serious business - however it's very hard to get to the top.

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