Retailers interested in adopting Apple Pay mobile payment service

Retailers have shown increased interest in adopting the Apple Pay mobile payment service, and 2015 could be a big year for mobile payment services.

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The adoption of Apple Pay, while still stirring controversy among retailers preferring a non-Apple-centric payment service, continues to help stimulate the mobile pay revolution.

Retailers interested in adopting Apple Pay mobile payment service |

For retailers, they have a monetary incentive to adopt Apple Pay: the payment service charges a fraction of what current credit card companies charge per swipe at checkout, which could help win over additional retailers in the future.

"I've never seen a bigger adoption of an alternative-payment system," said Brian Roemmele, a payments consultant, in a statement to the Wall Street Journal.

Even with growing interest in mobile payment services, there is still a varying level of controversy for consumers and retailers trying to go mobile. For example, a Missouri lawmaker wants to force retailers to check ID and document the ID number from a driver's license or other government identification card - to help prevent fraudulent transactions - or the store could be held responsible.


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