Overstock plans online streaming service, taking aim at Amazon

Overstock wants to throw down in the online video market, taking aim at Amazon.

| Jan 22, 2015 at 9:40 am CST

Overstock.com plans to launch an online streaming service sometime within the first half of 2015, and will include 30,000 titles, according to CEO Patrick Byrne. Expect Overstock to also begin creating its own original TV episodes and films, taking aim at Amazon and Netflix.

Overstock plans online streaming service, taking aim at Amazon | TweakTown.com

It's unknown what titles will be available at launch, but consumers can expect to be able to rent and purchase TV episodes and digital films.

"We will be a competitor to Amazon," said Byrne, in a statement published by The Hollywood Reporter. "We think our loyalty program is better than Amazon's. We give you five to 25 percent back on what you spend. So we pay people back for their digital downloads."

Amazon's streaming content helped increase Prime membership, and Overstock hopes to see a similar impact courtesy of its streaming service.

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