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Bio-engineered race of 'Nazi cows' turn on British farmer, are killed

Bred for their huge size, deadly horns and aggressive temperament, the dangerous herd has been forcibly culled
By: Ben Gourlay | Humor & WTF News | Posted: Jan 7, 2015 12:06 am

We all know that Hitler had designs of a blonde haired and blue eyed 'Aryan race', but he also had a vision of recreating extinct beasts of burden which were to be released in the wild for hunting by the deadliest warriors of the super race. Whilst history might changed his master plans, not only was this endeavor successful, but its descendants have been causing a headache for one British farmer and his staff who have endured their wrath.




According to The Independent, Derek Gow, the only British farmer to keep the animals, has culled seven of the herd because of their overtly aggressive tendencies and repeated attempts to murder him and his staff.


In the 1920's, Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler commissioned German zoologists Heinz and Lutz Heck to produce a breed of cattle based on aurochs, a extinct species of wild bull known for their commanding stature and deadly horns. Whilst the cattle were mostly destroyed after the conclusion of the war in 1945, some survived in European nature conservation parks. Initially, Farmer Gow tried to find new owners for his bovine beasts, but no one wanted to take them.


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