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Daily News Round #1 for August 26, 2004

Daily News Round #1 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for August 26, 2004
By: Steve Dougherty | Posted: Aug 26, 2004 7:08 am

- Virtual girlfriend could end dating woes

This discovery was from the folks at SLCentral today, linked to CNN of all places. No more having to deal with countless knockbacks and dollars wasted on free alcoholic beverages for the ladies. Designed for capable cell phones, the company "Artificial Life" have decided to base their latest creation off the original (and muchly despised) Tamagotchi concept, only you're required to pamper and treat your electronic ball and chain with plenty of regular 'treats' if you're to keep her at bay..


Alright kiddies, don't get TOO excited and burst your bubble, it ain't released yet!


HONG KONG, China (AP) -- She needs to be coddled with sweet talk and pampered with gifts, but you'll never see her in the flesh, says a Hong Kong company that's developing a "virtual girlfriend" for new cell phones with video capability.


Artificial Life, Inc.'s electronic love interest will appear as an animated figure on a telephone screen. But she'll require a lot of attention, involving virtual flowers and diamonds, company spokeswoman Ada Fong said on Monday.


- Goodbye my precious soundstorm :(

As more un-official details emerge on nVidia's upcoming nForce4 chipsets for Athlon64, it seems almost clear that we wont be seeing a new version of soundstorm appear. This is very dissapointing to thousands of audio lovers out there, soundstorm's on the fly dolby encoding is a severely under-rated yet very useful feature that I think is quite atrocious no other company has bothered to implement on any onboard or seperate PCI audio solutions.


The latest comments on the subject are over at the Tech Report folks. With further discussion and feedback here.


While there was hope that NVIDIA would resurrect the APU for the next nForce or possibly even a standalone audio product, neither appears to be in the cards, at least in the immediate future. The next nForce will likely support high-definition audio datatypes, but without SoundStorm's robust hardware acceleration. Taiwanese motherboard makers apparently feel that SoundStorm doesn't offer much value to consumers, especially when cheap 8-channel software audio is all the rage. Given Creative's dominance of the audio market, at least as far as hardware 3D acceleration is concerned, it's really a shame that SoundStorm isn't coming back in some capacity.


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