Some of the best Steam sales on right now

The Steam sales are as always, crazy - here's a pick of some current offerings plus information on how to track them all.

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If you're not already aware, the Steam Sales Tracker is a brilliant tool, offering up an easy-to-see list of the current sales on offer, their time left of sale, the communities verdict on the game and also a handy extension to help link it to your personal steam account.

Some of the best Steam sales on right now 081

Steam are doing what they do best, churning out yet another sale period and drying up many other-enthusiastic gamers wallets. We've had a quick browse and consolidated some of the coolest game specials on offer right now.

As according to the Steam Sale tracker 'Community's Choice' section, the hottest titles available today include a 66 percent saving on Mercenary Kings, the indie side-scrolling puzzle game Gunpoint for only $4.99 USD and the addictive and simply designed LUFTRAUSERS game for half price.

There's some larger titles on offer like Half-Life 2 and Dishonored, however we highly suggest you look into the Max Payne package for a tiny sale price of $2.99. It might just be nostalgia, but these two grungy, old-school, 3rd-person games are timeless classics in my book.

It's Dangerous to go Alone! Take This handy chart to help you survive yet another Steam sale.

Some of the best Steam sales on right now 082

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