Technology companies begin favoring global Facebook pages

Technology companies come and go with their local Facebook pages - why is local better?

Published Dec 10, 2014 6:00 AM CST   |   Updated Wed, Jul 27 2022 3:46 AM CDT
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We've seen a trend of global technology companies come and go with their local branch Facebook pages, often opening them up in each region and then shutting them down later when they realize how much work and money is required to keep them properly functional.

Technology companies begin favoring global Facebook pages |

We've just received information that Corsair are the latest company to do this, shutting down their Australia and New Zealand Facebook page - moving everything to the global page and all under one banner.

There are obviously a few positives to keeping it all under one roof, these being things such as: streamline of content delivery, much less work for staff, only one page to distribute advertisements through and the feeling of a larger community (as they're all-in-one place). But, if you've got the local staff there on the ground, I feel that the benefits quite outweigh this.

In my personal experience, as little as $12 AUD of Facebook advertising per day will gander you around 1,000 legitimate Facebook likes per month on a local technology page in little old Australia, this is done through Facebook's advertising platform and made sure of by keeping your Facebook page constantly updated with information and news. We've seen similar results in the past through the previously upheld Tt eSPORTS UK page - which has now also been migrated to global.

What am I getting at here, why is local better? Not every branch will release the same products as their HQ will announce, a local page will also enable the page to advertise things such as local gaming events, special sales, localized prize giveaways and sponsorships. It's all well and good having a global page, but I don't see why a global and local cannot thrive in perfect harmony.

Bring back the local I say - what do you think?

I'm a competitive gamer and was an eSports employee. Recent changes have seen me hang up the mouse and move over to the technology world, covering all news for TweakTown, ranging from gaming news to opinion articles and the latest tech releases. Expect to see a few different articles on international eSports news and competitive game releases, as well as audio and mobile device content.

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