Samsung acquires Proximal Data for server-side caching software

Samsung wades into the software caching pool for their enterprise offerings.

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Samsung has formally announced their purchase of Proximal Data for their innovative server-side caching software. As enterprise SSD manufacturers continue to mature we have witnessed a string of acquisitions of various caching companies. Caching technology provides HDD capacity and the speed of flash, and also provide companies with a clear differentiator for their products. Samsung originally purchased NVELO in 2012, and their caching solution was quickly merged into Samsung's client offerings as RAPID caching technology.

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Proximal Data is geared for virtualized environments. Their award-winning AutoCache software embeds I/O intelligence inside the hypervisor to cache hot I/O onto server-side flash. It's intelligent and selective caching removes the I/O bottleneck and improves VM density and efficiency. As with all caching software your mileage may vary, but typical AutoCache implementations sport 2x to 3x performance improvements.

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Pairing easy-to-deploy software with leading hardware is key to attracting many of today's datacenter customers. Many administrators struggle with the best method to deploy cache, and value-added software offerings are becoming the deciding factor for many. Pairing AutoCache software with Samsung's high-performance SSD offerings, such as the XS1715 we tested recently, can provide transparent acceleration for virtualized environments. As always, jump over to our IT/Datacenter section to take a look at our recent competitive performance analysis of Samsung enterprise SSD products against their competitors.

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