SteelSeries refreshes its popular Siberia headset line up

SteelSeries' Siberia line up of headsets gets refreshed with the v3, starting with a $59 headset and working up to a $199 headset.

| Oct 2, 2014 at 2:29 am CDT

SteelSeries has just unveiled its new v3 line up of Siberia headsets, with v2 coming out in 2009, it has been a long time coming. SteelSeries has introduced a slew of new Siberia headsets, starting at $59.


The $99 Siberia v3 has SteelSeries' next generation drivers, and ditches the glowing ear cups.

SteelSeries refreshes its popular Siberia headset line up 04 |

Next up, we have the Siberia v3 Prism, which is priced at $139. The Prism can store unlimited sound profiles through the SteelSeries Engine, and sports a microphone with noise suppression and auto compression.

SteelSeries refreshes its popular Siberia headset line up 05 |

And finally, for $199, we have the Siberia Elite Prism, which is an upgrade on the popular Siberia Elite. The Elite Prism is available in white or black, with customizable color all over its ear cups. It features an improved USB sound card, fine-tuned ear pad comfort, and an all-new microphone.

Lastly, there's the $59 Siberia RAW Prism, which is the new entry-level headset.

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