Netflix secures the rights to Batman TV show 'Gotham' from FOX

Netflix purchases Gotham rights, will be made available on Netflix after it is finished its broadcast run in September 2015.

| Sep 3, 2014 at 2:33 am CDT

Gotham doesn't premiere on FOX until September 22, but Netflix has already inked a deal for the rights of the Batman TV show. Netflix has reportedly shelled out $1.75 million per episode for Gotham, something it won't stream on its service until September... of 2015.

Netflix secures the rights to Batman TV show 'Gotham' from FOX |

Deadline is behind the report, where the site has said that the deal struck between Warner Bros. and Netflix spans all of Netflix's territories (present and future) and was "put in motion" shortly after the successful screening of the pilot back in May, in LA. Each season of Gotham will be made available after its full broadcast run, with the first episode to kick off on FOX on September 22.

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