LSI SandForce 3700 controller teased at 1.3GB/sec in mixed workloads

LSI shows off its SandForce 3700 controller pushing 1.3GB/sec in mixed workloads at Flash Memory Summit 2014.

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FMS 2014 - Flash Memory Summit 2014 is underway, with LSI teasing its SandForce 3700 controller and its new mixed 80/20 (read/write) workload performance, at up to a huge 1.3GB/sec on a native PCIe interface.

LSI SandForce 3700 controller teased at 1.3GB/sec in mixed workloads |

This achievement was made possible using the integrated SHIELD error correction with hard and soft LDPC and DSP technology, which works together to provide the associated endurance requirements. The SF3700 controller is built for, and optimized for bi-directional PCIe traffic, which drives the performance up much higher than competing flash controllers. This makes the SF3700 a great choice for enterprise storage.

LSI's Vice President of Marketing, Flash Components Division, Thad Omura, explains: "Flash storage solutions used for client computing, big data, and hyperscale enterprises are continuing to grow at unprecedented levels, driving the need for more advanced flash controllers to manage these data-intensive environments. The SF3700 is the ideal-building block for next-generation storage solutions with its full-duplex architecture. Both enterprise and client applications will benefit from our proprietary LDPC engine which enables customers to significantly extend NAND flash life by dynamically balancing performance and reliability with minimal latency".

Director of NAND Marketing over at Micron Technology, Kevin Kilbuck, had this to say: "Storage developers want to ensure they're designing in the best technology available, which is why we worked with LSI to enable our leading-edge 16nm flash memory with their SandForce SF3700 flash controllers. Choosing the right flash and controller combination is critical to getting the best performance and endurance from any solid state solution".

LSI is providing early support with optimized reliability and endurance for NAND devices, where it is showing off its SandForce SF-2000 series flash controllers, that are already shipping, which support key NAND suppliers such as Toshiba, Micron and SK Hynix. This controller uses the very latest technology, including L95B 16nm and A19nm 128Gb MLC NAND flash, something that allows the SF-2000 with SATA to outperform most of the PCIe-based competition.

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