Intel to make Panasonic's next-gen 14nm-based SoCs

Intel announces a manufacturing agreement with Panasonic, will fabricate its upcoming next-gen SoCs.

Published Tue, Jul 8 2014 9:11 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:15 PM CST

Intel has announced a new manufacturing agreement with Panasonic, which will see the chipmaker producing Panasonic's next-generation system-on-chips (SoCs) using a 14nm low-power manufacturing process.

Intel to make Panasonic's next-gen 14nm-based SoCs |

The upcoming SoCs from Panasonic will be powering audio visual-based equipment markets such as TVs, Blu-ray players, media players and more. The next-generation chips will offer higher levels of performance and viewing experiences according to the company, with the 14nm process paving the way for very advanced chips with very low power requirements.

Yoshifumi Okamoto, the Director of Panasonic's SLSI Business Division said: "Intel's 14nm Tri-Gate process technology is very important to develop the next-generation SoCs. We will deliver highly improved performance and power advantages with next-generation SoCs by leveraging Intel's 14nm Tri-Gate process technology through our collaboration".

This is an interesting move for both companies, with Panasonic looking at a future where it won't need to spend money on investing into the manufacturing of chips - even with its own semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Intel on the other hand, is becoming a big player in the contract market of taking in customers who want it to build chips using its technology. Intel is now partnered up with Altera, Achronix Semiconductor, Tabula, Netronome, Microsemi and now, Panasonic.


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