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Daily News Round #1 for April 19, 2004

Daily News Round #1 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for April 19, 2004
By: Steve Dougherty | Posted: Apr 19, 2004 12:59 pm

- Albatron's new FX5700P Turbo

A news release in from Albatron this morning announces their latest FX5700 based card, dubbed the FX5700P Turbo. It doesn't utilize GDDR3 memory like some of the other cards coming around the corner, but has some indefinate overclocking friendly 2.5ns BGA memory instead. A nice mid-range card oozing overclocking potential. The full press release can be obtained here.


Albatron Technology Co., LTD recently announced a speedy new GeForce FX5700P Turbo graphics card targeting consumers looking for great performance at nice prices. The card features a 6-layer PCB and nVIDIA's powerful GeForce FX 5700 GPU.
The 6-layer PCB was designed to reduce noise and maintain stability especially during peak-performance usage. A giant GPU fan sink and individual memory heat sinks efficiently absorb and dissipate heat. This card also employs BGA packaging for its memory using fast 2.8/2.5 ns DDR chips whose memory clock can also be overclocked to exceed 700 MHz. Total memory capacity is 128 MB (128 bit memory bus). Highly reliable stability, advanced heat dissipation design, and fast memory make the FX5700P Turbo a perfect board for super overclocked performance.


- Is DOS Gaming Dead?

Have you recently tried going back in time on a quiet day at home by installing and 'attempting' to fire up one of your old favourite lucasarts adventure games only coming to realise there and then that WinXP just doesn't want to play ball with ye'ole DOS code? Monster-Hardware have written up an interesting article which covers the issues involved with getting the old classics to work on a WinXP based PC and some possible work-arounds.. none of which solve the issue(s) completely unfortunately, but the hunt for an easy solution hasn't come to an end.... yet!


Still determined to find a solution to the rest of my DOS games that won't run using the above methods, I decided it was time to temporarily take over my wife's machine that is at her insistence still running Windows 98. So I decide it's time to go old school. Eyes-a-glaze and a mad scientist cackling strangely emanating from my throat, I dig out my decade-old custom boot disk, put into the useless appendage of a floppy drive that I also beg my wife daily to let me remove and overwrite my blank autoexec.bat and config.sys files on the C: drive with those from the floppy. As the computer restarts I F8 boot to the system prompt, thinking to myself that THIS will show them; although, at this moment I am none to sure just who THEM is.


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