Government officials explain how mainstream media help promote hackers

Mainstream media helps intensify attention of hackers, much to the dismay of government and police authorities trying to limit hacking activities.

Published Wed, May 21 2014 5:15 PM CDT   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT

As national governments try to better understand cybercrime, extreme publicity from high-profile attacks reported by mainstream media may have a bigger impact than the actual cybercrime itself, according to government officials.

Government officials explain how mainstream media help promote hackers |

"Therefore, despite the low probability of destructive terrorist cyberattack occurring, such an event may have a high profile impact even if unsuccessful," noted Glenn Lemons, Homeland Security senior intelligence officer, in a speech before the House committee on cybersecurity and terrorism. "Success in this may be determined by press coverage [as opposed to] destructive network activity."

Even with more press coverage, it's clear that many governments and corporations are simply unsure how to address the changing hacker mindset. Years ago, hackers focused on defacing websites and vandalism - but many have evolved to focus on political or monetary gains.

Groups such as Anonymous, which continues to plague select targets, rally on social media to help garner more attention - in a strategy that works - while gaining even more followers. It's a technique that amuses supporters, but clearly antagonizes police and government officials trying to crackdown on hacking.

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