Leap Frog Leap Band is a fitness wearable for kids

Leap Frog is set to launch a fitness wearable for kids this summer that promotes healthy activity while masquerading as a game.

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Published Thu, May 1 2014 9:00 AM CDT   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT

Kids like most of the tech that their parents enjoy. Any parent will tell you kids love to play games on smartphones and tablets. The tech market for children's items is large, there are a number of dedicated tablets, and other gadgets made just for kids.

Leap Frog Leap Band is a fitness wearable for kids |

Leap Frog is an educational toy company that makes a lot of tech for little ones that look and work a lot like the items mom and dad use. While mom and dad have the Gear 2 smartwatch or maybe a Pebble, kids can soon get the Leap Band.

Leap Band is a wearable device aimed at kids 4-7 years old that aims to promote playtime. It looks like a game to kids where activity helps feed and care for a virtual pet. For parents it's an activity tracker to make it easier to figure out if your kid is getting enough exercise. The Leap Band will sell for $39.99 and is offer in three colors with a ship date sometime in August.


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