Samsung NX mini mirrorless camera packs 20.5MP resolution

Samsung NX mini digital camera has interchangeable lenses and is designed for selfies.

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Samsung has rolled out a new digital camera called the Samsung NX Mini with 20.5MP resolution. The camera is billed as the world's slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera. The camera also has Wi-Fi and NFC tech inside. The thickness of the camera is 22.5mm and the body only weighs in at 158g.

Samsung NX mini mirrorless camera packs 20.5MP resolution |

The camera is designed to let those that like to take selfies do so with better quality. The camera has a 3-inch flip up and touch display that flips 180-degrees allowing the user to frame themselves perfectly. The lens on the camera is 9mm wide and has a wide angle so you can get a group shot by holding the camera at arm's length.

Samsung made the camera able to shoot continuously at 6 fps and the camera has a 1/16000 second shutter speed to freeze fast action. The camera has a number of automatic and manual modes for photography and video.

With integrated Wi-Fi, the camera can be paired to a smartphone app. That allows the camera to share images with smartphones, be controlled by the phone, and the camera can be used as a baby monitor. In baby monitor mode when the camera detects sound the smartphone is activated. The NX mini camera will ship in early April for $449 with the 9mm NX-M lens or $549 with the 9-27mm lens and SEF-7A flash.


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