GoDaddy suspends Mexican protest site after US embassy's intervention

GoDaddy takes down a protest website after receiving an order from US embassy in Mexico.

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A Mexican website that was a source for information containing, news, discussion and point of view from many protestors about the new President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto at a wake of a controversy in December 1st 2012. The website grew over the time.

GoDaddy suspends Mexican protest site after US embassy's intervention 2

When the protests' first anniversary was near, the website included information about organized campaign against a bill that was going to criminalize protest in Mexico and even made preparations to document the entire protests. However, but December 2nd 2013, the website was taken offline by its host 'GoDaddy' without any notice.

The U.S. based GoDaddy hosting company told the site owners that the site was suspended as it was a part of an ongoing law enforcement investigation. It was also revealed that the office who is in charge of the investigation was lead by Special Agent Homeland Security investigations, US embassy in Mexico City. It was also found that the contact email to this agency was from '' domain, which is used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement department.

GoDaddy suspends Mexican protest site after US embassy's intervention 1

The involvement of US departments about an internal matter of Mexico and its people raises a lot of questions. GoDaddy also did not give any takedown notice or warning before suspending it website. The lawyer for the protestor's website claims that the take down order came from the Mexican government via the US embassy and sued multiple authorities in Mexican courts to found out the name of the agency who passed the order. For now, the domain is re-directing its visitors to another domain.


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