Court orders ISP to reveal information of illegal movie downloaders

Marked as a pivotal ruling, TekSavvy will provide information of 2,000 movie pirates provided Voltage Pictures meets all the court's requirements.

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The Federal Court in Canada has ordered Ontario based internet service provider 'TekSavvy Solutions' to cough out names and addresses of 2,000 subscribed who are suspected to use peer-to-peer client to down movies illegally which is owned by Voltage Pictures who made movies movies such as The Hurt Locker and Dallas Buyers Club.

Court orders ISP to reveal information of illegal movie downloaders |

This is considered as a pivotal moment to catch movie pirates. As said by Voltage Pictures' Lawyer James Zibarras, the decision marks a shift from a time when BMG Canada Inc.'s attempt to track down illegal music downloaders was turned down by the court. He said,"That was heralded by many people as a kind of green light for downloading. This is the first time that case has been reconsidered by the court."

The court however has placed several limitation on Voltage Pictures and the way they'll use the information that they'll receive. A decision was made by Federal Court that the movie maker's communication with TekSavvy users should first be approved by the court, and that its letter should mentioned in clear letter that 'no Court has yet made a determination that such Subscriber has infringed or is liable in any way for payment of damages.'

TekSavvy's CEO was pleased with the safeguards placed by the court who assured that his company won't handover any information unless the court's conditions are met. Professor David Fewer who is a law professor for University of Ottawa and executive director of the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic said that this ruling clarifies what legal tests a copyright holder must meet and that such safeguard will block copyright troll business model in Canada.

Its still unclear what kind of communication will the users get, and what kind of actions will the court take should it be required. But with the safeguards in place, it should provide a win-win situation for everyone and not give a chance to be a troll in any way.


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