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Daily News Round #1 for November 23, 2003

Daily News Round #1 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for November 23, 2003

By Steve Dougherty | Nov 23, 2003 09:56 am CST

- Northbridge Cooler Shootout

The guys over at Bit-Tech have completed a northbridge cooler shootout between Microcool's Northpole and Zalman's ZM-NB47J. The Zalman being a passive solution obviously doesn't deliver in terms of ultra high performance (unlike the Northpole) but it's a great alternative to stock cooling nonetheless.

40mm fans are the bane of my life, I'm not sure what their life expectancy should be, but if my experience is anything to go by the answer is around a quarter of a year. If your northbridge cooler, like mine, is making far more noise than it should because its fan bearings are failing, or perhaps it's given up all together, then you'll be looking to replace it. In this here review I'm going to be looking at two such replacement northbridge coolers, a passive solution from Zalman and an active solution from Microcool. On with the show...

- Oddsfish!

Ever wondered how a screw would compare to an ATI Radeon 9800 XT? Funnily enough, neither have I. I think Ryszard over at Hexus is a bit TOO fond of screws. Err, I meant these ones of course:-

A little history if you'll permit me. A while back, HEXUS was famous for awarding nearly everything they reviewed the Editor's Choice award. Massive industry bribing and sexual favours that persist even today, meant that everything from Arctic Silver to the highest of high end PC Chips motherboards got the famous orange logo treatment. DR_DOKE, purveyor of the finest IRC comedy this side of Dalnet, proceeded to latch on to that fact, sending me his Model #1 in black, nicely wrapped in a pushlock bag, adorned with a sticker proclaiming it was "small and metal and hard" and that it got our "Editor's Choice". Sadly I can't show you that bag or sticker for legal reasons.

It's about time a crucial part of HEXUS history got an airing. So let's take a look at the screw in a bit more detail.

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