New Web Poll and Previous Results for September 15, 2003

New Web Poll and Previous Results news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for September 15, 2003.

Cameron Wilmot
Published Mon, Sep 15 2003 2:12 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Last week we asked you who your favourite memory manufacturer was and the response was quite good. Corsair was the clear-cut favourite among TweakTown readers, with Kingston and Crucial taking up second and third places, respectively, not all that far behind. Then we had OCZ, Kingmax, Samsung, Mushkin and Geil all very even with less than 2% splitting all five companies. After that we had TwinMOS, Apacer, Buffalo, Hynix and Transcend who did not prove to be very popular with our readers, probably since they do not focus on enthusiast-based products as much as the others.

A couple of days ago we implemented a new form of advertising on TweakTown - text based through Vibrant Media. Many other popular tech sites have also added this style of advertising which seemed to be taken to fairly well. We want to know what you all think of this new form of advertising. Just remember, it is only supported by IE 5.5 and higher at this stage. So if you use a different browser and can't see them, that is why. Please let us know your thoughts by voting using the web poll to your left!

Cameron founded TweakTown in 1999 after it originally started off as his personal homepage. Cameron was once, many years ago, the only person at TweakTown producing content, but nowadays, he spends his time ensuring TweakTown operates at its best in his senior management role.

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