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Daily News Round #1 for September 4, 2003

Daily News Round #1 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for September 4, 2003
By: Cameron Wilmot | Posted: Sep 5, 2003 3:46 am

- ATI Catalyst 3.7 Drivers


ATI has released new Catalyst drivers for users of Radeon based graphics cards with Windows and Linux. You will find all the information at Warp2Search. And if you want to know if it is worth upgrading your drivers or not, visit this website for Catalyst driver performance comparisons.


The CATALYST™ driver now provides a Triple Buffering Option. Enabling Triple Buffering has the potential to increase performance under certain conditions. Please refer to the help file of the feature for additional information. This new feature is located in the OpenGL Compatibility Settings tab


- Welcome 3DGPU to our web server


As of yesterday, we started hosting our friends Brian and Matt and the rest of the crew over at 3DGPU - a popular graphics and gaming based website - on our web server since we had the resources spare. If you haven't visited their website in the past, bow your head, and visit them now!


- HyperTransport Analyzer Software


In an interesting move by VIA Tech today, they released a freeware program called HyperTransport Analyzer which analyses K8 system's bus width and frequency of HyperTransport links between the CPU and the north bridge.


Why? Well, VIA claim that some of their competitors (read: nVidia) cannot use the full speed potential of HyperTransport at extreme speeds due to signal interference and as such have to slow it down to increase integrity which results in system stability. The aim of the tool is to detect the slow down on all different upcoming AMD64 motherboards. Grab it from VIA Arena.


The full-spec maximum bus width and frequency of the HyperTransport link between an AMD64 processors and the north bridge of the chipset is 16-bits at a frequency of 1.6GHz. With the massive data loads conveyed by a 16-bit/1.6GHz HyperTransport bus, the propensity for bus noise and signal interference between the processor and chipset increases significantly, thereby decreasing signal integrity to unmanageable levels. To deal with the high level of signal interference, other chipset vendors have had to reduce the data load of the HyperTransport bus, either through a reduction in bus speed from 1.6GHz to 1.2GHz, or by reducing the size of data packages from 16 bits to 8 bits.


- Tilt Wheel Tech


Extreme Tech has posted a first look at Microsoft's new Tilt Wheel Technology which allows you to scroll from left to right and visa versa, not just up and down. We fly men to the moon, design jets which are able to break the sound barrier...yet we have only just managed horizontal mouse scrolling!



Taking a cue from luxury car makers, Microsoft has just added a tilt capability to its venerable mouse scroll wheel. The ability to tilt from left to right, combined with rolling up and down, is designed to add additional movement capability to your pointer without moving the mouse at all.


- ATI Interviewed


Accelenation has conducted an interview with three ATI employees and ask them questions regarding Chipsets, Catalyst drivers, and Multimedia products.


Every now and then we like to conduct interviews with companies that we'd think might spark an interest with our readers. Today, we interview three ATI employees and have them answer questions regarding their Chipsets, Catalyst drivers, and Multimedia products. ATI's a company most know and should love, being one of the first company to release a DX9 graphics card and the company that has brought us the All in Wonder series of multimedia graphics cards, which remain untouched by anyone else in terms of features.


- Articles and Reviews from around the Web


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