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Daily News Round #2 for August 27, 2003

Daily News Round #2 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for August 27, 2003
By: Nigel Woodford | Posted: Aug 27, 2003 11:49 pm

- BIOS Optimization Guide v8.0


Tweak that BIOS! Adrian's Rojak Pot has posted an updated version of their very popular BIOS optimization guide. I've found their guide very useful myself, check it out!


- PC4000 TwinX has just taken a look at some of the fastest memory on the planet - Corsair's 1GB kit of PC4000 TwinX. With 2.4GHz "C" chips making 250MHz FSB child's play, there is a great need for super fast DDR.


DDR500 is the latest standard of memory from Corsair, and today we take a look at the 1GB kit of their TwinX XMS4000 matched pair memory, designed for 1:1 use in an overclocked intel system


- Beginners Guides


Come on, lets get real…building a PC is easy stuff. Understanding how everything works is a different story. The guys over at PCSTATs have put together a great Assembling Your Own PC Guide.


Assembling your own PC is not hard. I just want to clear that up from the start, since I'm often surprised when somebody praises me for my computer 'expertise' because I can, for example, install memory in their systems. Installing memory is an exercise roughly comparable in difficulty to cleaning the lint out of a dryer and putting the filter back in the right way. Modern computer systems are designed to be easy to fit together, and they are. The majority of components are keyed so they will only fit a certain way, for one thing, and everything is standardized. This is not to say that it is foolproof, but perhaps foolresistant would be true. The thing is, the majority of non-techie people that I know have this almost superstitious awe of computers which requires them to make pilgrimages to the local computer store every time they want something added, upgraded, or replaced in their machine. I have to admit that charging $65 for the 10 minutes of labour required (computer must be left for service overnight of course) is somewhat thrilling.... though really not necessary if you know a few basic things about what lies under the hood so to speak.


- Female gamers outnumber boys?


CNN is reporting that there are more women gamers than men. Whoever conducted this study obviously has never attended one of my LAN parties =)


A poll released by the Entertainment Software Association and conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates found 26 percent of game players are women 18 or older, while 21 percent are boys 6 to 17.


- NetDisk


Guru of 3D reviews the sweet looking NetDisk. It's an External HD hotplugable towards both your USB 1.1/2.0 and LAN. Not only that but the thing is extremely silent and fast.


Of course an additional huge advantage of the NetDisk is the fact that it utilizes the very fast Ethernet 100/10 Mbit/sec and USB 2.0 standards. This by itself assures you of the fact that reading/writing data is fast. The product can connect directly towards the LAN/Ethernet as it's using XiMeta's NDAS technology. NDAS is short for Network Direct Attached Storage. NDAS acts as an independent local and a shared disk that can be used by any PC on the network.


- Got $300 Mill?


If you have about $300 million dollars lying around, you can buy Tech TV! Yep, that's right folks, Tech TV has gone up for sale.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Paul Allen, the entrepreneur and co-founder of software maker Microsoft Corp., is looking to sell his technology-related cable channel TechTV, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the situation.


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