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Daily News Round #4 for August 27, 2003

Daily News Round #4 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages for August 27, 2003
By: Nigel Woodford | Posted: Aug 27, 2003 7:48 am

- More Fast Ram


Extreme Overclocking has just posted a review on the GeIL Golden Dragon PC3700 DDR RAM.

GeIL has been around in the US for almost a year now supplying some of the fastest memory in the market. As new chipsets come out the company always seems to produce even faster memory before most of the other manufacturers do. In the past we have had great luck overclocking memory from GeIL. The modules have generally held up well under high voltages and extreme speeds. For awhile, they produced some of the fastest memory we have ever tested.


- e-Cube


AMS busts out with their latest SFF sporting the Intel Springdale chipset. Can the e-Cube follow in the footsteps of the excellent AMS gBOX Blue and bring even more innovation to the table? Let's see what OCA said.


What benchmarks can't show is the "feel" of the machine. This e-cube "felt" like a full size PC with all of the horsepower and functionability you can ask for. Even it's on board graphics solution was better than I expected. Certainly if you are a gamer you'll want to add your own card to the AGP slot, but for everyday email checkers and the occasional gamer kinda guy, the Intel Extreme Graphics 2 delivers more than we can rightly ask for from an on board graphics solution


- FX5900 Ultra VGA


Overclockers New Zealand has posted a review on Leadtek A350Ultra TDH MyViVO Edition 256MB FX5900 Ultra VGA.


FX5900Ultra no longer sounds like a dust blaster. The fans used on Leadtek A350Ultra have an acceptable operating noise level.


- Chaintech 7NJS Ultra Zenith Review


GruntvillE has posted its first motherboard review; the cool looking 7NJS Ultra Zenith. But then again, looks aren't everything...check out what GruntvillE has to say.

The first thing you notice when the board arrives is the sheer size of the box. It's HUGE! I don't mean, "That's a big box" huge, I mean "Crap, I hope I ordered just one!" huge. What on earth would they need all that room for? Well, they've actually stuffed the box with more goodies than a decent Halloween haul. We're talking rounded cables, remotes, screwdrivers, card readers, optic cables, faceplates...everything! It's like an early Christmas when you open this thing; alright enough with the holiday references. My point is Chaintech really does try to provide everything you could possibly need to troubleshoot, monitor and enjoy your new motherboard.


- Air VS. Water Cooling!


The battle is on! The boys over at HightekPC wrote up an in-depth article about the differences between air cooling and water cooling. Which one is right for you?


The CPU of the computer, whether it may be Intel or AMD, it generally the largest source of heat. There are two basic ways to keep the heat down. We refer to them as "air" or active cooling. This category consists of heatsinks and fans. The second category is "H2O" or water cooling. Water cooling is the more expensive way to do things, but also the more efficient. Overclockers primarily use water cooling because it does a much better job of keeping the temperature low than air. Throughout this article a detailed explanation of pros and cons will be explained in a way that beginning overclockers will understand.


- IC7-G Max II


Abit has always been well known for making great overclocking motherboards; lets see how the Abit IC7-G Max II Advance stacks up @


I can sum up this product in one quote, "Problem-free overclocker.". The IC7-G has been nothing but an absolute delight to use, tweak and overclock. With performance numbers that rank up in the top of the class, the IC7-G contains a solution for every other problem I have faced on other manufacturer's canterwoods.


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