Sobig.F not so big anymore

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Mon, Aug 25 2003 7:40 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
According to F-Secure, CERTs, FBI and Microsoft were able to shut down all 20 computers in USA, Canada and South Korea which were set to begin phase two of the Sobig.F worm which was to download a program to infected computers throughout the world and execute; however, nobody ever discovered what the program intention was. Suffice to say, it's probably safe to say it wasn't your guardian angel dropping off a truck load of $100 notes.

I am still receiving the annoying emails but they have slowed down almost 10 fold from 48 hours ago - hopefully we are coming to the end of it.

Update on 19:00 UTC
When deadline for the attack was passed, one machine was still (somewhat) up. However, immediately after the deadline, this machine (located in the USA) was totally swamped under network traffic.
We've tried connecting to it, just like the virus does. We do this from three different sensors from three different machines in three different countries. We haven't been able to connect to it once. If we can't connect, neither can the viruses.
So the attack failed.
We'll keep monitoring until 22:00 UTC. If we're not able to connect once, we can safely say that the attack was prevented.
More information @ F-Secure

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