Meet the OFF Pocket, a cell phone pouch that blocks all signals

A new Kickstarter aims at helping people prevent their cellphone from being used as a personal locator for the NSA and other Government agencies.

| Aug 5, 2013 at 1:06 pm CDT

In the wake of multiple scandals involving the US government's mass surveillance of its citizens, a new project has popped up on Kickstarter with the goal of allowing you to keep your smartphone on your person without the threat of it becoming a personal tracking device.

Meet the OFF Pocket, a cell phone pouch that blocks all signals |

Dubbed the OFF Pocket, this wallet for your cell phone is able to block all cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth signals from being sent or received by the device. The company behind the OFF Pocket says that it has the ability to block over 100dB for the frequency range between 800MHz and 2.4GHz. They say that this is a better solution than just turning off your phone because that does not always ensure wireless signals are not being sent or transmitted.

The company is hoping to raise $35,000 in crowdfunding to get a second-generation model to market. In their first few days, they raised just over a third of their goal and have about 22 days left before the campaign ends. Currently, a pledge of $85 will get you a unit which is expected to begin shipping late next month. Head over to Source #1 to find out more!

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