RumorTT: Nokia said to be prepping Bluetooth 4.0 "Treasure Tag"

Nokia is prepping a Bluetooth 4.0 "Treasure Tag" that will aid in helping you find lost things such as keys or even your phone.

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The rumor mill is fired up and already pushing out fresh rumors this Monday morning. Today, the Verge is reporting that Nokia is in the process of mass producing a new Bluetooth 4.0 device that will pair with its Lumia line of Windows Phones. Dubbed the Treasure Tag, the device uses a combination of Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) to help you find things when they are lost.

RumorTT: Nokia said to be prepping Bluetooth 4.0 Treasure Tag |

The "Treasure Tag" is basically a small little tile that would let you track items using a purpose-built application. When the item you have tagged is lost, you can use the app to locate the item via a map which makes use of Nokia's LiveSight augmented reality view. This means that if you have lost your keys and you had a Treasure Tag attached, you could open up the app and view the keys' exact location on a mini map.

The process works in reverse, too. If you lose your phone, you will be able to push a button on the Treasure Chest and the app on your phone will activate an audible alert that will help you pinpoint the exact location of your missing device. It appears that the Treasure Tag is designed to be "always on" and will last about 6 months on its internal battery, but no mention has been made about battery replacement or rechargeability. The Treasure Tag is said to launch in the coming weeks after Nokia rolls out its Amber Update that will give Lumia devices Bluetooth 4.0 support.


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