Kyle on nVidia - What's the story?

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Sun, Aug 17 2003 2:48 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
I read Kyle Bennett's latest editorial blasting on nVidia and their various benchmark optimizations at HardOCP last night and at the end of it I was left wondering what the actual point of it was. What was he trying to achieve? Does he have another reason for being annoyed at nVidia? Why did he let his personal opinion publicly judge a multi million dollar company in a negative manner? These are the questions which left me in a daze.

What Kyle neglects to acknowledge, whether intentionally or not, is that nVidia are a huge company which on the outside may appear to act on every word us enthusiasts say (at least Kyle Bennett thinks this and hopes this), but deep down will and should do whatever it takes to improve the bottom line for their share holders - just like any real business with any real business sense. Sure, nVidia may have made a few bad judgments over the past 8 or so months with benchmark optimizations but it is nothing which ATi (and I dare say many other companies) have not delved into in the past to help their bottom lines as well, which again Kyle neglects to acknowledge. This is the real world, companies are out to make as much money as possible - it's not the sugar coated enthusiast world which Kyle makes it out to be!

Kyle had no right to publicly degrade nVidia to the extent he did in his latest editorial. Kyle must get off his high horse which he has been riding for the past few years and get down to the facts instead of trying to make himself out as an American saviour for the PC enthusiast or whatever he thinks he wants to be - it's truly pathetic and futile. Everyone is entitled to their public opinion; some people just need to learn how to control it and realize when enough is enough.

More information @ HardOCP

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