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Cameron Wilmot
Published Thu, Jun 26 2003 5:04 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Chris Tom over at the anti-Intel AMD Zone has decided to post some overclocking test results with Opteron CPU in socket. He says these are the first Opteron overclocking tests to be published.

The memory screen of CPU-Z shows the amount of memory, how many channels are used, and if ECC was enabled. It did not correcly identify that bank interleaving was enabled however. It also shows the frequency which at 1.8GHz is 180MHz as well as the Cas latency which at this speed was set to 3.0. We tested at this speed with all three DIMMs and the Corsair faired the best, followed by the Crucial and Samsung. The best at this speed was not adequate enough to finish any of the benchmarks so we were unable to document memory bandwidth at this speed. We hit the wall at 1.8GHz and 180MHz. What remains unclear is whether this is a limitation of the memory tested, or whether the CPU could not handle a speed this high, or whether the on CPU memory controller wasn't capable of performance this far out of spec. Either of these are very distinct possibilities.
More information @ AMD Zone

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