Extreme Benchmarking with JK II VIA Arena Outpost Map

Extreme Benchmarking with JK II VIA Arena Outpost Map news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

Cameron Wilmot
Published Fri, Jun 13 2003 8:54 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Fiona from VIA Arena let us know about the release of their new VIA Arena Outpost map for Jedi Knight II (by Josh Holmes aka bOrg - creator of VIA Arena Q3A map) designed to stress modern day high-end computer systems to the extreme.

If you think TweakTown should implement this map into our own in-house benchmarking suite, let us know by posting below in our comments section.

This map was created by a very talented person (Josh Holmes aka bOrg), who couldn't resist the challenge to build a map that would be worthy of becoming a regular feature in benchmarking suites. The map itself has been designed for excellent gameplay. Weapons and ammo are readily available throughout the map and the center features an arena area for light saber duels where opponents can be sealed inside behind force fields for a fight to the death. BUT, you will need a pretty high end system to be able to play this map smoothly and you would definitely need a high end system to play with high details at high resolutions smoothly. Essentially it's been designed as a benchmarking tool, but download it and give it try on your system to see how it performs!The textures used in Jedi Knight II (based on the Quake III engine by id Software) are twice the size of those used in Quake III Arena. The map features reflective surfaces, force fields, lighting, spinning images, glass and an expansive use of space, not only to be visually appealing but to specifically tax a system's resources almost to the maximum. The system featured in this article (VIA P4PB Ultra mainboard, 3GHz P4 & ATI Radeon 9700) gets an average 42fps at 1024x768 in VIA Arena Outpost demo. To run the demo you'll need the latest Jedi Knight II patch, version 104, available for download here.
More information @ VIA Arena

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