Intel PAT on i865PE Springdale motherboards

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Wed, May 28 2003 7:02 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
OC Workbench are claiming that the ASUS P4P800 i865PE Springdale motherboard is able to run Performance Acceleration Technology, now better known as PAT, by simply enabling it within the motherboards BIOS. As many of you will know, PAT is supposed to be an exclusive feature of the more expensive i875 Canterwood and is the only real world performance difference between it and the cheaper i865x Springdale solution.

If ASUS can do it, other manufacturers can do it - If you're an owner of a Springdale motherboard keep your eyes open for BIOS updates which give you the option of enabling PAT.

Taipei, Taiwan; May 28, 2003 - ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), the worldwide leader of motherboards, today announced its P4P800 series motherboards, based on Intel's latest 865PE chipset, are able to active Intel's Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT) for robust computing. Currently, ASUS' 865PE motherboards are the only solutions in the market that provide this advanced feature.PAT is a trigger for extreme performance, boosting system performance by 3-5%. Combined with the 865PE chipset enabling an 800MHz system bus, it is designed for extreme performance. According to Intel, PAT is an exclusive technology for the 875P chipset, but with ASUS' strong engineering capability, the P4P800 series comes equipped with this feature as well.To activate PAT, simply go into BIOS setup utility. Here are the simple steps:1) Enter BIOS setup utility2)Select "Advanced" menu3) Select "Chipset" configuration4) Enabled Memory Acceleration Mode5) Your system is now PAT ready
More information @ OC Workbench

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