LG Display posts lower profits, demand for the iPhone and iPad screens weaken

iPhone and iPad screen demand is weakening, causes LG Display profits to miss expectations.

| Apr 24, 2013 at 12:35 am CDT

Apple may have had a great day at their earnings call earlier, but we have also reported that we shouldn't expect any new iDevices between now and Q4 of this year. Why? Well, maybe because "demand for iPhone and iPad screens weakened amid concerns that Apple was losing its luster in the mobile device market".

LG Display posts lower profits, demand for the iPhone and iPad screens weaken | TweakTown.com

This is from Reuters, who reports that LG Display, who are an iPhone and iPad screen supplier, have posted a drop of 74% in quarterly earnings. With Apple devices accounting for around 30% of LG Display's overall revenues, their drop in earnings could at least be tied to the lackluster iPhone sales.

Could this be another reason we won't see another iPhone anytime soon? Have Apple needed to go back to the drawing board with the increased competition from Samsung and co? Maybe an iPhone 5S isn't enough to inject sales of the iPhone for Apple.

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