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Anonymous hack the US State Department, hours after their Twitter account was hacked

Anonymous reportedly hacks the US State Department.

Published Fri, Feb 22 2013 5:30 AM CST   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:14 PM CDT

It was only hours ago that Anonymous' Twitter account was hacked, and now it seems that the hacking collective have taken down, or at least infiltrated yet another federal government website.

Anonymous hack the US State Department, hours after their Twitter account was hacked |

The latest target is the US State Department, and on top of hacking the site itself, they were able to acquire personal data on hundreds of State department employees, posting it all online. The personal data includes private and work e-mails, phone numbers and addresses that Anonymous dumped on the ZeroBin website.

Anonymous have said that the hack on the US State Department is in retaliation for the arresting of members from LulzSec. Anonymous said within their data post to ZeroBin:

Our reasons for this attack are very simple. You've imprisoned or either censored our people. We will not tolerate things as such. You don't see us going around censoring everything that is inappropriate or we do not like. Basically, you tried to put an end to us and you got owned, there's nothing more you can say or do. You took away Topiary, Avunit, Neuron, Pwnsauce, lolspoon, Aaron Swartz shall we go on?

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