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Cameron Wilmot
Published Tue, Jan 28 2003 5:50 AM CST   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
I was just recently asked in our forums what I thought of the whole GeForce FX fiasco. I gave my honest opinion and wanted to share it with our wider audience - here is my stance on the whole situation and remember it is just my opinion, unbiased toward ATI or nVidia, as you'll notice neither of them advertise with us - so frankly I don't care what either company think of my thoughts, unlike possibly other web media do.

I think everyone should wait at least another month to see what third party companies come up with before making a judgment on the GeForce FX - don't loose sight of the fact that the 5 or 6 online reviews we have seen to date are of a reference design, and like always - third party go ahead and improve on it to compete with other companies doing the exact same thing. And not just performance-wise this time, cooling as is the clear case with the GeForce FX - and let me assure you, after talking to many third party companies today, they are all just as concerned with the noise related issues as you and I, and are all working hard to come up with more noise-tolerable solutions.

I tend to agree with the latest post made over at nV News by Typedef Enum saying that many websites hyped the NV30 so much (we are probably even guilty of it) that everyone was expecting the McLaren F1 of video cards, and obviously it did not happen and it seems the entire tech community is suddenly bitter towards nVidia for it. Let me lay it on the line for you all - nVidia had the lead over ATI and any other GPU maker on the market and have enjoyed much industry support for the past 4 or 5 years. Now watch ATI soak it all up for 2003 and possibly beyond, as they should, while nVidia sit back and scratch their heads for an answer. This is the key reason we've seen companies such as Gigabyte and Creative switch to ATI - they aren't stupid by any means, they know ATI and their future plans and goals. Hell, if anything it makes things better for as both companies compete to be king - let's just sit back and soak it up ourselves.

There comes a point in time where frames per second, are just that - simple frames per second. They've gotten so high now that there is no need seeing anything faster, at least in my opinion. Instead of looking for an outright speed king, why don't some of you folks enjoy more of the eye candy on offer and let the truly talented programmers of our world blow us away some more with unprecedented life-like detail instead of worrying about how high your 3DMark 2001 SE score is. Seriously guys, Dawn (the sexy nVidia elf chick) was just a start - wait till programmers and developers around the world make use of CG (ATI will also support it in their R350) and continue to perfect their art and we'll be back to seeing frame rates back in the 60-80 range, as told to us by nVidia - then and only then, will frames rates matter and come back into play like they've mattered so much over the past few years.

Frames per second are only those guys, so remember it. Why drive your car at such extreme speeds that you miss the beautiful scenery on the side of the road?

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