Intel playing the devil, again?

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Fri, Jan 17 2003 8:58 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Following a very interesting story by Mike Magee over at The Inquirer, regarding Intel wanting to charge cooling manufacturers a validation fee (anywhere upwards of $3,000 US) requiring companies to submit their designs to Intel for some type of approval. This is what I consider total utter non-sense - although you can bet AMD loves every minute of this, for the following reason:

Just imagine if Intel actually goes ahead with these plans, remembering our beloved enthusiast market only covers about 1% of the total PC market. Most cooling companies (especially smaller companies with less capital) would probably discontinue production of Intel coolers (or coolers with adapters for Intel processor sockets) and just focus their effects on AMD and any other microprocessor competitor which may surprise us any day.

Then as a result, you would imagine the majority of enthusiasts would buy AMD processors since the quality overclocking heatsinks are out there on the market to yield best overclocking results from their AMD processor, of course compared to using stock Intel coolers, which logic tells us would yield lack luster overclockability - at least based on history.

You can add your opinions and thoughts here in our forums. In closing, Intel should wake up to themselves and reject this plan as the rapidly growing enthusiast market will end up meaning more and more dollars to them in the future. They must look after their customers, for they are the people who keep them in business. If anyone from Intel would like to discuss this with me, I eagerly await your response.

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