Zynga flicks the switch on PetVille, and 10 other games in order to save money

Zynga puts down PetVille and 10 other games, 2013 isn't looking good for the company.

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Most of my Facebook feed used to be filled with game requests, until I began blocking all game requests - I'm looking at you, Nanna. But, it looks like Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has started his cost-reduction plan which was announced last month.

Zynga flicks the switch on PetVille, and 10 other games in order to save money | TweakTown.com

Zynga has either shut down or pulled from app stores, stopped accepting new players to eleven games with some of those games turning off today. Zynga will reallocate resources from the games gone or cut down to the titles that are actually doing well, or put them into creating new games.

The company have had a very rocky year after bursting out of the gate to be a huge success, where their share price is down from their IPO launch of $10 to just $2.33 now. Zynga have announced huge cost-cutting measure which will see over 100 employees cut, offices shutting their doors, ceasing to renew deals with contractors, shutting down 13 games, as well as reducing investments into The Sims-style game, The Ville.

PetVille and Mafia Wars 2 shut down today, with a bunch of other games pulled too:

PetVille - Shut down December 30th

Mafia Wars 2 - Shut down December 30th

FishVille - Shut down December 5th

Vampire Wars - Shut down December 5th

Treasure Isle - Shut down December 5th

Indiana Jones Adventure World - Closed to new players, shuts down January 14th

Mafia Wars Shakedown - Pulled from app stores

Forestville - Pulled from app stores

Montopia - Shut down December 21st

Mojitomo - Pulled from app stores

Word Scramble Challenge - Pulled from app stores

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