AMD confirms they won't be leaving socketed CPUs, glares at Intel

AMD has your back, confirms they won't be leaving the socketed CPU market.

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When we first reported on the story of Intel moving away from socketed CPUs in 2014, most people were worried - myself included. But I did sit back and think about it in the aftermath of posting the news, and wondered if AMD would use this chance to make a move on the CPU market. Well, they have, where The Tech Report has received a nice note from AMD's Chris Hook:

AMD confirms they won't be leaving socketed CPUs, glares at Intel |

AMD has a long history of supporting the DIY and enthusiast desktop market with socketed CPUs & APUs that are compatible with a wide range of motherboard products from our partners. That will continue through 2013 and 2014 with the "Kaveri" APU and FX CPU lines. We have no plans at this time to move to BGA only packaging and look forward to continuing to support this critical segment of the market.

As the company that introduced new types of BGA packages in ultrathin platforms several years ago, and today offers BGA-packaged processors for everything from ultrathin notebooks to all-in-one desktops, to embedded applications and tablets, we certainly understand Intel's enthusiasm for the approach. But for the desktop market, and the enthusiasts with whom AMD has built its brand, we understand what matters to them and how we can continue to bring better value and a better experience.

This is good news, but not great news. AMD have been struggling lately, big time. They're losing the CPU fight to Intel in countless numbers and consumers. Their Radeon brand is still strong, but NVIDIA is just as strong now since their slump with Fermi. The future isn't clear, but it's good to see AMD is on our side.


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