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Michelle Obama gets schooled by kid on what the Wii U is

Michelle Obama didn't know what a Wii U was. Do you blame her?

Published Thu, Nov 29 2012 7:31 AM CST   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:14 PM CDT

Nintendo's Wii U launched nearly two weeks ago and even though the company has been going full force with its marketing campaign, there will still be people in the world who aren't aware there's a new Nintendo console. One of those people just so happens to be the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama gets schooled by kid on what the Wii U is |

During a White House Christmas lunch event held for military families, she decided to make some small talk with the children who were waiting for their grub to be served. Michelle decided to ask them what they wanted for Christmas, which one boy responded saying he wanted a Wii U.

Michelle admitted she didn't know what the Wii U was, first responding to the boy by saying "A Wii game?" The First Lady asks what it was, and the boy gives a pretty accurate rundown of what the Wii U is, showing just how much research he did to prepare for his upcoming holiday gift, which I'm sure Nintendo is in the process of sending over to him.

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