Comdex Fall 2002 - Day 1 Coverage

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Cameron Wilmot
Published Mon, Nov 18 2002 10:16 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Both AnandTech and AMDMB have coverage up from Day 1 of Comdex Fall 2002.

First of all, Anand spent most of his day with FIC looking a bunch of different products including the KT400A mobo which he suggests will include Dual Channel DDR support - at least according to a spec list photo taken. AMD fans will also be interested in the bits of information they have on (flawlessly) working Hammer processors. There is also information regarding Intel's Springdale and Dual Channel DDR-333 and DDR-400 supply with its yet to be determined 667MHz or 800MHz FSB. I reckon it would be a safe bet on Intel using a 667MHz FSB since companies such as Gigabyte have already announced their series of 667 boards to us several weeks ago.

This year's Fall Comdex is much different from what we're used to seeing; the show floor is dominated by a handful of major manufacturers, but the motherboard guys are nowhere to be seen. The Microsofts, Toshibas and Samsungs of the world occupied the majority of the show floor and were demonstrating everything from LCDs to Tablet PCs.
More information @ AnandTech

AMDMB actually has coverage up from Day 0 and Day 1. Ryan's coverage of "Day 0" consisted of an introduction to Comdex and a keynote address by Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft. As a tech site owner, like Ryan, I found it really interesting to read how he managed, as luck had it, to exchange business cards with Steve Ballmer and other important dignitaries such as the former Prime Minster of Israel which he was lucky enough to beat seated near during the keynote address by William.

I watched in astonishment as I was in the very front row of the very center of the show floor. That by itself is not an extremely exciting thing, but what was exciting was whom I got to meet while sitting there, before and during the keynote address. Three seats to my immediate right was a man by the name of Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel. Sitting directly behind me (and who kept kicking my chair and apologizing during the show) was Steve Ballmer (you know, the CEO of Microsoft?) and he was chatting with Carly Fiorina, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. So, I met them all, and actually joked around with Steve about his skits on a movie during the keynote. And yes, I even got a business card. Talk about a direct pipeline!
More information @ AMDMB

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