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Study says people believe Windows 8 to be safer, not big enough deal to upgrade

Avast survey found that many people do believe Microsoft has improved Windows' security.

Published Fri, Oct 26 2012 8:26 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:26 PM CST

Here's a study I'm sure Microsoft will be extremely happy to see. It seems like people do believe that Microsoft has gotten better over the years at making Windows a safer operating system, something that people previously despised Microsoft for. Avast AntiVirus ran a survey of over 350,000 computer users who installed or re-licensed their software and found some really interesting results.

Study says people believe Windows 8 to be safer, not big enough deal to upgrade |

In the study, Avast found that Microsoft did a great job of promoting the new operating system as 56 percent of respondents new that Windows 8 would soon be released. Of the respondents, 65 percent were using Windows 7, 22 percent XP, and 8 percent on Vista. Curiously, 3 percent didn't know which they were using.

18 percent of respondents said that Windows has "definitely gotten safer over the years." 46 percent thought that it probably had and 30 percent weren't sure. 4 percent said probably not and 2 percent said definitely not. A combined 46 percent said either probably or definitely yes that Windows 8 would be safer than previous versions.

40 percent were not sure and 14 percent made up the probably and definitely no category. Even with all of this extra perceived safety, only 8 percent are likely to get a new computer sooner just so that they have Windows 8. 78 percent said probably not or definitely not, showing that people either perceive their current system as safe enough, or can't justify the purchase just for the extra security.

They could also not want to upgrade due to the changes in interface or other reasons. 72 percent of those who plan to get a new computer soon responded that they were planning to get a PC, with 21 percent planning to get an iPad and 7 percent a Mac.

So, even though people believe the new Windows 8 operating system to be safer, not many are willing to upgrade sooner for that extra safety. Microsoft has done a great job advertising the new operating system, though, as over half of the respondents knew that it was coming out soon.

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