Top 5 iPhone 5 deaths

We take a look at some of our favorite iPhone 5 death videos that have been posted to YouTube.

Published Thu, Sep 27 2012 12:27 PM CDT   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT

Have a love for the latest Apple device? So do these people, but not for the same reason. It appears that many of the iPhone 5s procured on launch day were procured with the intention of destroying them for YouTube videos. Wasteful? Sure. Entertaining? Definitely. Take a look as we go through our favorite 5 iPhone 5 deaths.

Top 5 iPhone 5 deaths |
  1. Dropping the iPhone from a ridiculous height on launch day seems like a legitimately good idea to me:
  2. Cracking a screen using a hammer, set to a good soundtrack? I'm in:
  3. Taking a knife and hammer to the brand new iPhone 5. Let's just hope there's no blood!
  4. The iPhone 5's screen can survive being driven over by a car and thrown out of a moving car, but fails when thrown 20 feet in the air:
  5. Rounding out the list, someone destroyed the new iPhone 5 after throwing it at the ground:

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