Top 5 things the iPhone 5 could've done to make it more magical, much more revolutionary

Top 5 list of what the new iPhone 5 could've done to make it the true, undeniable champion of the sm.

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I'm a huge technology fan, and I really love my smart devices. Personally, I was disappointed with the iPhone 5 release. I expected something so much greater than what we got, which at the end of the day is just a thinner, lighter, slightly better iPhone 4S.

Top 5 things the iPhone 5 could've done to make it more magical, much more revolutionary |

The new iPhone 5 is nearly upon us, and while it has impressed most people, it could've still been better. The original iPhone debuted in 2007 to much acclaim, virtually blowing away every single phone on the market, bar none. Sure, there were things it couldn't do, but Apple slowly added these features to the phone and turned it into the powerhouse it is today.

The new iPhone 5 is the first iPhone since the original launched five years that was built from the ground up. After the iPhone came out we saw some thick and fast competition swirl up, and now we have Samsung coming from virtually nowhere, a land of mediocrity, to the strongest competition the once unbeatable iPhone now has.

In the latest Android-based devices, we're seeing very quick changes, with things like quad-core processors, NFC technology, 4G LTE connectivity, and much more. Apple are now the ones lagging behind, and the iPhone 5 isn't the technological leap that people expected. It seems like a slow evolution instead of the complete revolution Apple needed to give us.

What could it have done better? What could Apple have baked into the sixth-generation iPhone to make it stand out from the rest?

5.) Technology - The new iPhone doesn't sport NFC (near field communication) which is something that is really going to start chomping into the market in the near future, with Android-based counterparts featuring the tech, it is a complete mystery why Apple didn't choose to add this very functional feature into their flagship smartphone.

The iPhone 5 now sports a 4-inch, 1136x640 'Retina' display. It's 2012 and we're not even talking HD numbers. Yes, it's 'Retina', but we know that people want to compare to other screens, and with the direct competitor found in the Galaxy S III, we're comparing the 1136x640 to the S III's 1280x720 HD display.

4.) Apps/Software - Apple ditched Google Maps for their navigation, with early reports that Apple's own tech in iOS 6 is not as impressive as the Mountain View-based option. Apple could've also provided some iPhone 5-tuned apps, making it a quintessential smartphone. Apple could've included some revolutionary new apps in the new iPhone, offering something of a 'killer-app' of sorts.

Siri was something that Apple really pushed with the iPhone 4S' launch, but we didn't seem to see any huge push of applications from the Cupertino-based company and their new iPhone 5. This is where Google, and their latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has it locked down with their "Project Butter", running the OS at 60 frames per second. Apple need to have something to compete with Android in this department.

3.) Processor - All we know about the iPhone 5's processor is that it's the "A6" processor. This could be a quad-core chip, or something of a variant along the lines of a powerful quad-core, such as two dual-core processors on the same silicon. Apple could've used a very efficient quad-core chip (which we hope the A6 is) and tuned it perfectly with iOS 6 to provide it with stellar battery life numbers.

Speed isn't everything, but it is nice to go in and out of apps and not having to worry about any slowdown, whatsoever. This also goes with 4.) and its Software, something Apple could've really driven home.

2.) Camera - We all use our smartphone cameras more and more these days, with Android-based phones like the Galaxy S III getting some great quality cameras baked into their smartphones. Apple could've really smashed it out of the park with the new iPhone, baking in an extraordinarily amazing camera.

1.) Something completely unique - I don't even know what this could be, but I expected it. I truly expected something to be included in the new iPhone that makes every single other phone feel unworthy of your hard-earned cash. I expected something truly revolutionary, truly mind-bogglingly awesome, but we didn't get it. Maybe some Google Glass-like sidekick to the iPhone. iGlasses? All we can do is wish.

Wrapping it up, sure, the new iPhone 5 is great. But, the world is different now. We have other phones to choose from, with some of them beating the unreleased iPhone. Not just in specs, but in software. Google are rolling out Jelly Bean to more smartphones in the future, and this is going to make Apple be the one playing catch up.

We didn't see any expandable storage, no removable battery, no HDMI-out. We have a changed dock connector making all previous iOS-based accessories completely useless, unless you purchase an optional accessory. For a company the size of Apple, with all of their power, might, talent and vision - are you impressed with the iPhone 5?

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