RumorTT: Microsoft's next-gen Xbox could be delayed due to low chip yields

RumorTT: Microsoft's Xbox Next/720 could be delayed due to production problems.

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We've been hearing about next-gen consoles more and more in the last few months, but before that they were simply rumors. Microsoft and Sony are not talking about next-gen consoles so that they don't cannibalise their current console sales, which is fair enough.

RumorTT: Microsoft's next-gen Xbox could be delayed due to low chip yields |

But, we have some new rumors to share with you courtesy of Semi Accurate. SA are reporting that Microsoft are having problems with the heart of the next-gen Xbox, its chip referred to as 'Oban'. It is reportedly being run through multiple fabs in high quantities, and this quantity is said to be much higher than what would normally be required for developer kits of the console.

SA reports that it takes around 8 weeks to run a chip through the fab, after which they can analyze the results. If production wafers are being worked on, the last time the fab can push a chip out is November 1, after that day, nothing will come baked out of the fab ready to be tested in order to have the reworked gear finished before the end of the year.

This is giving more credit to the next Xbox being delayed, if Microsoft don't come out on top with these yield issues. "Microsoft insiders" have told SA that the planned launch date is September 2013, and that wouldn't change unless there are some serious people dragged across the coals inside of Microsoft.


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