Apple and Google CEO in patent talks

Larry Page and Tim Cook have phone conversation about intellectual property.

| Aug 30, 2012 at 5:36 pm CDT

Sources close to the CEOs of Apple and Google have said that the two executives had a phone conversation last week, during which they discussed patent issues. It's not clear which patents they were discussing, and the only agreement they appear to have come to is to continue talking as they scheduled a phone call for Friday. That call has now been rescheduled for unknown reasons.

Apple and Google CEO in patent talks |

There's a couple of different possibilities of what Larry Page and Tim Cook are discussing. They may be making a truce on some of the basic features seen in both Android and iOS, according to one source. Less clear is if they are discussing a settlement of many of the issues the two companies have which each other, or if they are more focused on a subset.

Of course, Apple and Google both declined to comment. In recent months, Apple has lessened its reliance on Google's products, even going so far as to create their own mapping application and stop including the YouTube app with iOS. Recently, Motorola, now a subsidiary of Google, filed a with U.S. International Trade Commission alleging that Apple was infringing on its patents.

Why can't we all just get along?

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