Windows 8 will send Microsoft information each time you install new software

Each time you install software on Windows 8, it will send Microsoft information.

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It looks as though Microsoft will be getting an exclusive sneak peak into your computer if you install Windows 8, as the Redmond-based company will be contacted each time you install a new application, according to software hacker Nadim Kobeissi.

Windows 8 will send Microsoft information each time you install new software |

Kobeissi noticed the news when running a network packed analyzer under Windows 8. Don't fret: this can be disabled quite easily. Known as Windows 8's SmartScreen feature, it acts as a protector to users from malware, and other things that can be otherwise harmful to your PC. The technology was first featured and introduced with Internet Explorer 8, as an extension of IE7's phishing filter.

When Microsoft released IE9, SmartScreen gained Application Reputation, which is a set of algorithms used to analyze the trustworthiness of downloads through digital signatures, heuristics, and information collected by the company. The technology works by using Microsoft's database of software trustworthiness, but the company collects information about user-driven downloads in the process. This data is obviously kept on Microsoft's servers.

Microsoft obviously aren't the only ones who do this, with Google using their own SmartScreen-like technology which they call Safe Browsing. But the rabbit hole gets deeper here, as Google aren't the only ones who use the Safe Browsing API, with Apple and Mozilla using it for their Safari and Firefox browsers, respectively.


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